How does ScioLink work?

Simple solution

  • ScioLink is a complete, customizable solution for testing and proctoring.
  • Combination of different types of tasks, layout and audio and video content in HTML5.
  • Multilingual support – application environment and support for test content.
  • Offline mode for connection failure without interrupting the test – records are temporarily stored on the user’s side.
  • Azure platform provides almost unlimited scalability.

Remote monitoring and AI

  • ScioLink requires screen sharing, microphone audio recording, and webcam image recording.
  • ScioLink implements 5 different checks – identity check, check of the examined person, check of running processes, check of the room, live check during the exam.
  • Real-time feedback is provided by custom AI proctoring models.

ScioLink was developed in cooperation with Born Digital

Running on Microsoft Azure

Secure data management

Participants’ answers, identifications and records are stored on Scio’s secure servers for evaluation and option for later review. We ensure full compliance with legislation when processing personal data from testing and proctoring.

We already process tens of thousands of online admission exams both in EU and other countries.