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Testing only

9,00 € / participant
8,00 € / participant
7,00 € / participant
6,00 € / participant
5,00 € / participant
Testing application
ID check

Perfect package for simple and reliable online exams. The key criteria are low risk of technical problems and minimal hardware requirements. Clients typically use this package for continuous assessments that don’t require supervision or examinee identification.

What's included in the package?
  • Online resilience – system stability even during an internet outage
  • Onboarding – an option to try the app environment a month before the exam
  • Multilingual support – different language mutations
  • Variability of question types – open and closed questions, multiple choice, matching, labelling in an image
  • Multimedia – audio and video questions
  • Integrated in-app calculator
  • Ability to make additional materials and resources available to candidates directly in the application

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    Testing with automated proctoring

    14,00 € / participant
    12,00 € / participant
    11,00 € / participant
    10,00 € / participant
    9,00 € / participant
    Testing application
    ID check

    This package is suitable for highly secure exams with proctoring. The priority is end-to-end exam integrity and constant supervision. The exam will always be assessed for irregularities by a human proctor. It is typically used for admission exams and other high-stakes testing.

    What's included in the package?
    • Everything in the previous package
    • Photo of the examinee and their ID
    • The examinee can blur certain parts of their ID that are irrelevant to their identification
    •  Control of ID by human evaluators
    • A room scan prior to the exam to check integrity and security of the environment
    • Assurance of compliance with the rules – AI analysis of the video and sound recordings made during the exam and of the candidate’s screen
    • Human evaluators check all recordings for any irregularities. Exams with irregularities are always checked by two independent evaluators

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      By clicking the “Send” button you consent to the processing of your personal data and to receiving commercial offers.

      Frequently asked questions

      Is ScioLink just a proctoring application?

      ScioLink is much more: it is a proctoring and testing application in one. Other proctoring services merely provide remote supervision, which must then be paired with a testing application or another Learning Management System (LMS).

      Can I connect ScioLink to our school's LMS?

      This is currently not possible, for many reasons. Our main concern was to ensure that exams take place securely and without irregularities. For example, a standard LMS cannot deal with an internet outage. The exam then becomes irregular or must be repeated. If there are a large number of tests, the LMS often doesn’t fully cooperate with the proctoring application, resulting in data losses. Data transfer between the proctoring application and the LMS is also a vulnerable point for data leaks and hacker attacks. Last but not least, the testing application and the proctoring application are thoroughly debugged from both the technical and user experience aspects. Hence, ScioLink cannot be connected to an external LMS, and we have tried many times.

      What type of exams can ScioLink manage?

      • We originally created ScioLink for our own needs, as we hadn’t found an optimum
        solution for using proctoring services that apply AI and machine learning for “high- stakes” exams (university admission exams). Here, every candidate must have the sameconditions, and the exam cannot be taken on a different date. Our system has been designed with precisely this in mind: to ensure a level of system integrity that would allow us to use ScioLink for the most stringent exam requirements. The ScioLink application can, of course, also be used for low-stakes exams. If you can fly to Mars, the Moon’s a sinch 😉
      • ScioLink makes it possible to assemble tests from various types of questions including the use of video and audio samples. If needed, various system behaviours can be configured. For example, a candidate can go through the test only in the forward direction, and questions can have various correct answers. ScioLink is able to cover the greatest possible variety of exams, so you don’t have to limit yourself.

      Can ScioLink also be used outside of a university environment?

      ScioLink can be used for any standardized testing system in any area, such as professional certification, industry and HR. The range of possibilities is endless. You will always get the same service that fully meets all security and integrity requirements.

      Is an on-line exam comparable to one taken in the classroom?

      Yes, it is. We’ve already carried out almost 100,000 high-stakes exams on-line. Based on this experience, we did an internal psychometric analysis as concerns this question. Some candidates prefer an on-line environment while others prefer classroom testing. Thus, on an individual level, candidates’ results can differ slightly. However, from an overall perspective, the differences between both approaches are statistically insignificant and both types of testing are therefore comparable.

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      Johana Šperlová, Product Manager

      It will take just 30 minutes to go over everything, all from the comfort of your office or home.

      Johana Šperlová, Product Manager
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