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ScioLink is a modern online examination platform built with the latest technologies. Test anyone, anytime, securely and safely.


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Why Sciolink

ScioLink is an online tool for administering exams and tests with remote supervision

We save up to 80 % of the time spent on exam administration

Organizing admission exams in person is a logistically demanding process. This process requires up to 1000 person-hours for an exam with 2 000 examinees. With ScioLink, you can reduce this time by up to 80%.

We arrange secure online tests for both the examiner and examinee

ScioLink makes it possible to uniquely identify the candidate and to closely scrutinize the testing process for any irregularities. All data is securely stored and processed according to strict personal data protection rules.

Offline mode ensures a smooth exam process

Internet outages are one of the most frequent causes of on-line exam disturbances and proctoring tools often evaluate them as undesirable behaviour. Our unique offline mode allows the exam to be completed without internet connection.

<p>Human proctors decide about exam regularity</p>
Human proctors decide about exam regularity

We never rely solely on artificial intelligence (AI). All data is subsequently processed by trained evaluators. If an exam is to be evaluated as irregular, it must be checked by at least two independent persons.

<p>We make admissions more accessible</p>
We make admissions more accessible

The accessibility of the admission process also affects the number of applications submitted to a given school and the quality of candidates. Not having to travel to the exam location saves candidates both time and money.

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How we work with clients

After giving us your instructions, we take care of the whole process

Needs assessment

We discuss your needs and propose how we can help you with online exams.

In this phase, we determine how you usually organize your exams, the timeframe, exam rules, permitted aids and other specifications.

We agree on communication with examinees.

We discuss what level of support you require.

We set exact dates for delivering the examinee data and exam materials.

Exam preparation

We use your tests or you can choose from our database. You can include various types of questions, including video and audio content.

You provide us with tests for the exam. Our specialists will digitize and transfer them to the ScioLink application.

If needed, we can check them for formal errors.

On a precise date and time, you will give us a list of examinees and their contact information.


On the date of your exam, we make tests available to all participants. We can take care of communication with them and send them their login information.

A week before the exam, examinees can complete an onboarding test to familiarize themselves with the environment and ensure their device compatibility.

During the actual exam, ScioLink provides examinees technical support in the event of any complications.

Result processing

Once the exam is finished, we evaluate the tests and address any non-standard situations. We will then provide you with the fully processed results.

We evaluate the examinees’ test results precisely according to your criteria.

We evaluate recordings made during the exam for any irregularities according to your rules.

We deliver the results in an agreed-upon format.


Who is the application for?

Educational institutions
Educational institutions
Professional organizations
Professional organizations
Selection and admission processes
Selection and admission processes

ScioLink is suitable for all types of educational institutions or professional organizations that want to broaden or improve their current student or candidate selection process.

High-stakes tests
High-stakes tests

High-stakes exams require 100% reliability and comparability. For any organization, ScioLink offers such solution.

Open-book testing
Open-book testing

At times, institutions need to reliably configure tests and exams where identity check is required but monitoring is not necessary. ScioLink helps to organize these exams.


Safety of the examinees is important to us

What we stand against
Collection of biometric data
Emotion recognition
Full-format storage of personal IDs
Collection of internet history data
Unnecessary blockage of user's system
Case study

How the Faculty of Medicine became a trailblazer in digitalizing entrance exams in Slovakia

This is the third year we have been organizing online entrance exams making use of Scio tools. We could use our own tests, customize the time and date the test took place, and save on hiring test centres abroad as well as at the faculty. The Scio team introduced us to things that we had not experienced before, we also adopted their know-how...

Juraj Mokrý
Vice Dean of the Faculty

Financial Times recognized ScioLink as the Tech Champion of 2021

“Education worldwide has been thrown into chaos by Covid-19, with lockdowns and other disruption affecting more than 220m tertiary-level students... By using AI and machine learning, the Czech groups hope that their software will enable fairer online university exams...”

Financial Times
Tech Champions

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Johana Šperlová, Product Manager

It will take just 30 minutes to go over everything, all from the comfort of your office or home.

Johana Šperlová, Product Manager

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