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Reliable exams. From tens to thousands of candidates, anywhere 

Whether you need to improve your own selection process with candidates you would not otherwise reach, or you want to completely replace your admission, ScioLink will allow you to do so.

  • Use your own tests or have them prepared by us
  • Get rid of worries about on-site testing
  • Transparent tool for selection and comparison of candidates

Proctoring ensures transparency and comparability 

With ScioLink, you can ensure fair and equal conditions for everyone, even if the tests are completed from home.

  • Real-time AI supervision with the possibility of later control
  • Identification of test participants 
  • In accordance with the protection of personal data

25 years of experience

With more than 25 years of experience, we work with hundreds of schools at all levels of education. More than 200.000 applicants passed through our university admission exams.

Testing without worries 

During exams, participants receive immediate feedback from artificial intelligence. Flaged situations can be reviewed later. We will provide you with full technical support during testing. The application, including remote monitoring, is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

  • AI real-time supervision
  • Fast and secure Microsoft Azure platform environment
  • Offline mode in case of connection failure

Devoloped in cooperation with Born Digital

Running on Microsoft Azure